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Spiritual Director and Facilitator

Pat Boehm is a commissioned presenter of Centering Prayer through Contemplative Outreach International and currently facilitates one prayer group in Lethbridge.  Through Centering Prayer, Pat is passionate about bringing people closer to an intimate relationship with Christ. She is also a trained spiritual director having graduated from the Haden Institute, N.C., U.S.A.  Throughout the year Pat facilitates retreats and book studies. Music and Pastoral Care are her other areas of interest. Pat is a retired teacher and is married with three adult children and three grandchildren. 


• Centering Prayer

• Embracing An Alternative Orthodoxy



Adult Educator

Bob Campbell holds a master’s degree in Adult Education and has led workshops and retreats focusing on healthy spiritual growth for many years. He has taken advanced meditation teacher training at the Bhavana Society Monastery in High View, W.VA under the guidance of Bhante Henapola Gunaratana, author of Mindfulness in Plain English. A former post- secondary and healthcare administrator, Bob is a past National President of the Canadian mental health Association and former Board Chair of the Alberta Public Health Association. Since retiring he remains actively involved in community affairs and enjoys spending time with his grandchildren.


• Meditation

• The Grace of Aging: Awaken As You Grow Older - Book Study

• Weekend loving Kindness Meditation Retreat

• Jhana Meditation Retreat



Independent Consultant

Barbara brings a passion for learning to all that she does. Prior to her retirement in 2002, she was a teacher, principal and consultant with Lethbridge School District No. 51. The excellence she displayed during her lengthy career was recognized when she received the Administrator of the Year Award from the Southwest Alberta Council on School Administration in 1999. In 2000, she was honored to be recognized as a YWCA Woman of Distinction for her work in founding the Parents as Teachers home visitation program which now operates in Lethbridge and communities in southwestern Alberta. Since her retirement, Barb has worked as an independent consultant, serving education and social service institutions as well as other government and non-profit agencies by providing guidance in strategic planning, leadership development, and project management and
evaluation. Her new passion is helping adults 50+ explore the many possibilities for their future - mind, body and soul.


• The Heart of Aging with Wisdom and Vitality – Series 1
• The Heart of Aging with Wisdom and Vitality – Series 2

Sharon Hagel.jpg



Sharon Hagel is well known for her ability to help others clarify the many intricacies they meet in knitting. She has enjoyed knitting for the past thirty years. She believes the experience of knitting prayer shawls for those recently experiencing loss, as well as those celebrating life, has blessed her with many hours of peaceful reflection and relaxation.

Programs: Knitting into the Mystery of Healing

Hailey Pinksen


Certified Meditation Teacher

Hailey is a Resilience Leadership Coach, and a Certified Meditation Teacher.  Hailey started learning about resilience and meditation in 2015 when she was struggling with balance in her life. Her career and family life was very busy and at times very stressful. She wasn’t handling the lack of balance very well at all. Her mental, physical and spiritual wellbeing was neglected, and something needed to change. That began her practice towards resilience, peace and stillness.  Hailey enjoys engaging with others in the practice of resilience, leadership and meditation. Hailey has also written a book called My Six Degrees of Meditation which is currently available on Amazon/Kindle.


• My Six Degree Of Meditation

• My Six Degree Of Present Moment Awareness



Spiritual Director and Facilitator

Pamela, a spiritual director, trained at the Studion School for Spiritual Direction in Edmonton.  She has spent years in various areas of church ministry.  Her experience shaped a passion to create honest, safe spiritual spaces.  First, for ministers – the work of pastoring costs.  Pamela creates spaces for the rest and renewal of those in ministry.   Second, for those at “the back door of the church” – those whose life experiences or faith moments have left them with more questions than answers about the goodness of God or his work in this world. She doesn’t claim to have answers but firmly believes that when space is made for those questions, authentic relationship with God thrives.

Pamela is married with 3 adult children.  She loves to be outside, in all seasons.  She loves to write, read, and cook beautiful food for family and friends.


• Abide

• In•Spirit

• Wintering - A Time Of Stillness In A Season Of Waiting

vickie green.jpg


Spiritual Director

Vickie is a writer, spiritual director, and yoga teacher passionate about integrating embodied awareness, breath, and spirituality into everyday life. Her debut book, A Lotus on Fire: How a Buddhist Monk Ignited My Heart (2023) is a spiritual memoir that reveals how one moment of awakening with Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh ignited her passion for sharing inter-spiritual practices, and creating new kinds of spiritual communities, beyond the confines of religion.

As an inter-faith minister and spiritual director, Vickie accompanies people of all faiths on their spiritual journey, and is connected to a broad network of spiritual directors and faith communities across North America.  Since 2001, Vickie has been intentionally building community through her yoga studio, Spirit in Motion Yoga, creating a safe and peaceful space to explore the deep inner work of yoga and meditation. Vickie teaches the “art of slowing down and listening deeply” to ourselves, to each other, to our planet, and to the Great Mystery that holds us all. With an inter-spiritual heart that embraces the oneness of all spiritual traditions, Vickie seeks to build bridges of shared practice and understanding through her writing, teaching, and retreats. 

For more info on Vickie’s writing and her new book, go to

For more info on Vickie’s yoga, meditation, and spiritual direction, go to


• Healing Path Meditative Yoga
• Be Still, And Know...And Welcome All
• Nurture Your Roots: “Rooted…Connected….Growing”




Bobbi Farrell is passionate about healing and evolution – meaning being the best version of her Self and living her best life. Anxious used to be her primary state of being.


Her evolution brought training in:

Compassionate Inquiry Counsellor (psychotherapeutic approach developed by Gabor Mate)
Lifestyle Prescriptions ® Health Coach
Child and Youth Care Counsellor

Thermography Practitioner

She uses these skills to guide people back into their bodies, building the capacity to hold space for all our emotions, triggers and or addictions with curiosity and compassion.


• Journey To Self Healing Circle



Facilitator, musician, storyteller, writer

Wanda shares her own stories, songs and poetry. She has been performing her original music since 2013. Gronhovd is a musician-healer who connects people to the Divine through sharing love and holding space for deep emotion, especially loss and grief. She has spent the last year digging deep into what she can offer especially to us as we are grieving due to the pandemic and other losses at this time.

She is retired RN having worked in Palliative Care for ten years accompanying people through particularly challenging times. She creates a sacred and safe space with her artistic practices.

You will feel loved and connected listening to Wanda’s music. Gronhovd has released three studio recorded albums over the past seven years. In the past three years Wanda has performed at several music festivals as well as having toured Western Canada three times as a solo act. Gronhovd is a musician, speaker, author and facilitator.


• Unfolding the path of our grief

​• Music on the ground

Mark Nixon2.jpg


B.Ed, D.Min.

Mark has retired from teaching and Chaplain ministry after 28 years at Catholic Central High School.  He is married and has two children, one son-in-law and one daughter-in-law and two grandchildren. Currently, he owns and operates Living Your Mission Consulting which specializes in Spiritual Direction, Attentive Listening through the Medicine Wheel and Mission Statement Based Bargaining – Getting to Us.

• Advent Twilight Retreat
• Lenton Twilight Retreat

Ellen Wagner


Spiritual Director

Ellen Wagner is a spiritual guide for youth and young adults.  She did her training in spiritual direction through the FCJ Centre in Calgary and spent over three years in deaconate formation with her husband, Ray, in the Calgary Roman Catholic Diocese.  She frequently helps as a spiritual director at the Centre.  


• Advent Twilight Retreat

• Lenten Twilight Retreat

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Cheryl Dick
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Archbishop Lavoie
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