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Staff Members

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Executive Director

My first experience at The Martha Retreat Centre was while I worked at the YWCA. I learned about OASIS Days and began joining as I could. Helping other people through my work roles has always been important to me, thus recognizing that I needed to take time to fill my cup so that I could effectively serve people. My involvement at the Centre grew by attending weekend retreats, book clubs and week-long retreats. These opportunities kept me nourished. As I developed my relationships with the Sisters, they engaged me in a few volunteer opportunities to assist them with their work. Connecting people to community through volunteerism is something that I value and enjoy. Through Volunteer Lethbridge, I
offered my support to develop a Volunteer Management program for the Centre. My passion of service to God by serving other people brings me excitement as I pursue the opportunities ahead for our community and for Western Canada through Martha Retreat Centre. Speaking with the Sisters, we smile as we reminisce, they helped train me up to be the Executive Director of the Centre. Their continued support is invaluable as I learn to navigate through the work of the Centre.

Iryna Olas


Executive Assistant

When I arrived to Lethbridge, Martha Retreat Center became for me a place of home, peace, stillness, rest and freedom. I am so grateful to be here, welcome our guests and share with them all the beautiful gifts the Center has to offer.

Lynne Dennis



I am married to Lew and we have two daughters (Serena and Kara) who are married (Dave and Josh) and we have two grandchildren (Sam and Emery).  I taught students with high needs in Grande Prairie and Lethbridge for twenty years. When I retired, I began substitute teaching. When Serena and Sister Theresa talked about Sister Rosalie retiring and the Centre needing a part-time cook, Serena suggested we talk. That led to me cooking for Martha’s Retreat Centre for the last 4.5 years. I have enjoyed my work and interactions with the Sisters, staff, board, and many guests at the centre!

Board Members

Board Members


Lise Schmidt



The Martha Retreat Centre has been a part of my life since the late 1980’s. Over the course of the last four years, I have felt a stronger calling to become more involved with the happenings at the Martha Centre through retreats, workshops and volunteering as a Board member. For me, being a member of the Board of Directors means that I am part of a team which is helping continue the legacy of Gospel Hospitality which the Sisters of St. Martha established during their time in Lethbridge.


Kathy Gillis



As a Martha Associate I have been blessed with the teachings and wisdom from the Sisters of St. Martha for many years. Through volunteering and participating at the Retreat Centre I have received the gifts of gospel hospitality, peace, stillness, and quiet enriching my spiritual well-being. These gifts empower me to live my best life in this busy world. Now as a serving Board member, of the Martha Retreat Centre Society, I am honoured and dedicated to contribute responsibility to the care and service of the centre. Psalm 46:11 invites us to, “be still and know that I am God” and the centre has given us a place to experience this for over 50 years. Let us, together, be challenged and blessed as we step into the future with undaunted hope.


Deb Tarnava



I have been involved with the Martha Retreat Centre for a number of years. It all started with spiritual direction and a unique friendship with Sister Loretta that began almost ten years ago.  Divine timing had me attend a seven-day silent retreat that coincided with my 50th birthday.  What a gift to actually discover who God says I am; for this I am forever grateful! World Class facilitators along with the profound, simple grace of the Sisters have been very influential in helping me find my spiritual roots through the programs and space offered at the Centre. I am involved with the Board because I value the importance of the Sisters mission and their desire to see the continuation of the programs and benefits the Centre offers.  It is an honor to hitch our wagon to their wisdom as we pursue a new frontier.  We are rooted in a solid foundation and plugged into the Sisters undaunted hope. This makes me excited for the future and I look forward to what God has in store.


Sr. Theresa Parker



I am a Sister of St. Martha of Antigonish, Nova Scotia, and have been privileged to serve at Martha Retreat Centre since 2009. During my last two years in this ministry some friends of the Centre worked with us (Marthas) to transition Martha Retreat Centre to a Society status. I am now living in Antigonish, N.S., and I join the Board through telephone or zoom for the monthly meetings. I will continue to serve on the Board for several more years.  It is my hope and fervent prayer that Martha Retreat Centre will continue to nurture life in Lethbridge and surrounding areas through Gospel Hospitality well into the future.





I am a Sister of St. Martha of Antigonish, Nova Scotia, and I am on the Leadership Team of our Congregation. My ministries over the years have been in finances – Director of Finance and Budget Manager in Hospitals in Cape Breton and Congregation Treasurer for the Sisters of St. Martha for many years. I am delighted to be serving on the Martha Retreat Centre Board from a distance through the marvels of technology! I will work to promote the mission of Martha Retreat Centre and help to ensure the Centre is sustainable well into the future.

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